Just A Few More Hours: The Amazon Giveaway

There are just a few more hours in the Amazon Giveaway. I’ve learned a lot about third-party vendor giveaways. I honestly believed I would have given away five books by now, but with Amazon’s 1200 lucky number incorporation (which I’m still confused about), I’ve given away two. I also was under the impression that people could enter as often as they liked, and I discovered that wasn’t true. I am very sorry for my ignorance. I promise to be much more informed in the future. I sincerely hope those two winners enjoy “The Blazing: A Vampire Story,” and I finish out this giveaway with a lesson learned.

Since this giveaway didn’t go exactly as I planned, I will add the number of books not won in this giveaway to my personal website giveaway. As of this moment (and unless another thousand people enter the giveaway before midnight tonight), the total added will most likely be three additional hardback books. And, to make it even, I will also be adding another three paperbacks for a total of eight books in each format. I’m looking forward to it!

If you entered the Amazon Giveaway, thank you very much for participating. I can imagine the frustration you might have felt. Again, I apologize and now we move on to the future.


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