The Awakening Begins!

A couple of years ago, I set out to write a unique vampire story. I neither knew that my story would be published, nor did I realize I would be inspired to write a sequel . . . or two.

Recently, I began writing the first of two sequels. What is as wonderful as when I wrote The Blazing, is that I’m as excited about my characters as I was two years ago when the journey began. In fact, I love them, everything they are to each other, and everything they are to me.

Changes are coming for Viveca . . . and for Richard. New challenges. How does a man born over two hundred years ago fit into the world as a human man? What challenges does Viveca face now that she sacrificed so much to save the man she loves?

And when an enemy awakens to destroy them, will they have the strength to defeat it? The Awakening . . . coming soon . . .

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